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Doctor’s Testimonial

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Lifestyle factors such as stress, long working hours, harmfu
Dr. Monoo Gupta, Medical Director
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As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Dr Surabhi’s Nutritional
Dr Tarun
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More and more people are now beginning to understand food,
DR.R.K.AGARWAL, President IAP 2008
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Celebrity’s Testimonial

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I Look and Feel FAB Now. No pain and all Gain. My profession
Anupama Raag, Bollywood singer
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My career as a Model is very demanding. Our schedules are very
Priyanka, Well Known Model and Actress
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I am on top of the world…Everyone wants to know the reason
Saumya, Model and Bollywood actress
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My job in entertainment industry demands high level of energy
Shanza, Television Anchor and Model
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My Profession demands me to be well groomed all the
Tesoro Tara Bisht, Miss UP
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I am a student who is also in modelling field. My duel responsibility
Shrishti, Model and Actress
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I am associated with Nutriwell for a diet which can help me
Pooja Tiwary, Diet for Beauty
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Client’s Testimonial

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I never knew that I can Lose weight
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I never believed that Losing weight
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I quit modelling to give maximum
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It has been a wonderful experience
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I went to Nutriwell with lots of
Shweta Srivastava
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