Best Treatment for PCOS

Following are best treatment for pcos:-

  1. Get strategic with calories:

A study indicates that consuming calories can have a big impact on glucose, insulin and testosterone levels. Reducing insulin can potentially help with infertility problems. Women with PCOS who consumed most of their daily calorie intake at 12 weeks breakfast significantly reduced their levels of insulin and glucose, as well as reduced testosterone levels by 50 percent, for women who consumed their largest meal during dinner. An effective diet includes a 980-calorie breakfast, 640-calorie lunch and 190-calorie dinner.

  1. Reduce AGE:

Women with PCOS have been shown to have elevated levels of advanced glycation and product (AGE) in their blood. AGE’s are compounded when glucose binds to proteins and are thought to contribute to certain depressive disorders and aging. A small study found that dietary AGEs significantly reduced insulin levels in women with cutaneous PCOS. Higher diets of AGE’s include animal feed and processed foods. Applying high heat (grilling, roasting) increases the level.

  1. Synthesis of Vitamin D and Calcium:

Examination of 5 infertile women with PCOS showed that 1500 mg of dose supplementation commonly used for PCOS symptoms, including calcium and vitamin D, showed improvement in BMI, abnormalities, and other symptoms. The women in the study added one thousand milligrams of calcium daily and 10,000,000 IU vitamin D a month to their daily metformin dose for six months.These are some of the best treatment for pcos.

  1. Get enough magnesium:

Many women with PCOS show signs of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, risk factors that increase their risk for heart disease and other problems such as diabetes and stroke. So, get enough magnesium for your health.

  1. Increase your Chromium:

Chromium is an essential mineral that helps the body control the amount of insulin and blood sugar. Some studies suggest that chromium supplements help to lower blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. One study examined the role of minerals in women with PCOS.

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