Diet for PCOS: Do you eat these food?

A lot of females tend to compromise with their diet, a woman’s body is complex as we have the gift of creating a new life from our womb. It is extremely important to look after what goes into that fertile organ. Health Problems like Polycystic ovary syndrome or simply call it PCOS is very common among women who have attended a certain age of bearing a child. So here goes a guide for you to keep a check on your diet to be safe from PCOS.
What is PCOS?
PCOS is when liquid sacs form around your ovaries due to hormonal imbalance in your body. A woman’s body has both male and female hormones- androgen and estrogen. The increase of androgen (male hormone) leads to building of sacs around your ovaries which is commonly known as PCOS.

Some symptoms of PCOS:

• Weight gain
• Hairfall
• Mood swings
• Hairgain hursutism
• Acne

Unfortunately, It is still not clear of what actually causes PCOS however, we know how to prevent it by having an apt diet for this syndrome.

The best things to consume when you have or may suspect this syndrome is to include food items which are rich in fibre, iron and vitamins. Here’s a list of food items you can to eat daily.

• Whole grains
• Fatty fishes
• Seeds
• berries
• Greeny vegetables cruciferous
• Anti inflammatory spices

Tips to follow while buying your food

• Cut off white carbs from your diet like white bread, cakes, and replace them with oatmeal, brown bread, and wheat.

• There are lot of substitutes available in market for you to consider while consuming fat, your refined sunflower oil can be replaced by olive oil. Eat healthy fats like cheese and butter in an adequate amount. You shall not gain wait if you exercise and eat healthy fats. Don’t trust myths about weight gains due to munching on cheese sandwiches. Your body needs these fats.

• Flax seeds are the richest source of fibre. They are loaded with nutrition and are great to cleanse out toxins from your body. Also try other seeds of pumpkin, sesame and sunflower.

• Berries.
• Eating red berries like raspberry, strawberry,cherries and even blue berries. Fruits are good source for consuming natural sugar like sucrose, dextrose and fructose.

• Vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower are a must for fibre. You can also eat tomatoes, capsicum, pumpkin by making delicious meal out of them.

• Make sure to include anti-inflammatory spices like garlic, and turmeric as an added advantage in your diet which helps in reducing inflammation along with some taste.

That’s it! If you follow this type of diet, atleast for 30 days; you may experience the results soon. Gradually, you may loose weight and feel calm and sane. If you want to consult a doctor or nutritionist by suspecting PCOS possibility? Please do it for it is better to alert before you fall prey to it. If you doubt that your friend may have PCOS, kindly share this article with them. So far, there is no cure for PCOS and it affects about 3/10 Women but hopefully it can be controlled through diet and lifestyle.