Dr. Monoo Gupta
Dr. Monoo GuptaMedical Director Kiranben Maternity And Onco-surgical Hospital
Lifestyle factors such as stress, long working hours, harmful habits and exposure to pollution eventually take their toll on our health. Instead of feeling vital and alive, we lack energy which has an impact on wellbeing. As a result we may experience many symptoms that lead to a deterioration in our wellbeing. A nutrient dense diet is essential for good health, but unfortunately our modern diet, which includes processed and convenience foods, does not always provide the quality and amount of nutrients we need for optimal health. Nutrition Therapy is a cost-effective and medically necessary part of the Common lifestyle generated disorders. It can improve a person’s overall health and quality of life, effectively prevent disease conditions, reduce complications of disease and decrease the need for prescription drugs. Dr Monoo Gupta Medical Director Kiranben Maternity And Onco-surgical Hospital, Ramdev Nagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad-380015. nrgmng@hotmail.com
Dr Tarun
Dr Tarun
As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Dr Surabhi’s Nutritional therapy takes this saying to heart and provides people with the right diet for their needs. It is well established fact that Diet therapy improves the symptoms of many ailments–whether the illness is acute, chronic or critical–and is used to promote better health in general, even if a person isn’t technically sick. The truth is that, nutrition is an essential part of every person’s life – be it children, teenagers, adults or aged people.
DR.R.K.AGARWALPresident IAP 2008
More and more people are now beginning to understand food, as an important healing force. Improper diet and stressful living plays a vital role in the nation’s most common killers – coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and diabetes. Dr Surabhi’s Nutritional therapy uses the healing power of foods, backed up by scientific research to formulate personalised diet and lifestyle plans aimed at alleviating or helping to prevent diseases and promoting optimal health and performance. Her Nutritional therapy also works at fundamental levels, for example to help the body’s detoxification process, promote colon health, support digestion and absorption, or avoid allergens and pollutants. I would highly recommend her Programs to everyone who wants to lead a healthy and fit life. R.K.Hospital & IVF Centre, 5/A, Madhuban, Udaipur 313004 (Raj.) presidentiap2008@gmail.com