Fermented foods for PCOS

Heal your digestion for decreasing symptoms of PCOS. By taking food as your most important source of daily medication, your entire body can heal.

Fermented foods can be an excellent aid to smooth digestion and heal your gut. They can improve nutrient absorption and provide a natural house for healthy bacteria in your gut.

There are many benefits of fermented foods, and infinite ways to include them into your diet.

If you experience symptoms of inflammation, you should avoid using fermented foods in quantity as they can induce heat in your body.

Benefits of fermented foods

Fermented foods are produced by allowing the natural sugars in the food to indulge with bacteria to change the chemical structure of certain foods.

Here are some of the benefits they give:

  • They have a longer shelf life and can build efficiency in nutrient absorption as they break down by time.


  • Protect against bacteria in the gut by building a protective lining in the intestines and improve sensitivities of allergy.


  • Contain a dose of probiotics as well as immunity boosters and improved digestion.


  • Good oral hygiene as beneficial bacteria present in fermented foods can prevent gum problems and boost your oral health.


Fermented Foods for your Diet

Pick the ones made without sugarcane. Always check the labels while shopping and try to avoid refined sugar.

Here are some fermented foods, you can either buy or prepare them at home.


There are various and excellent dairy-free yogurt options available now in market! Buy only unsweetened plain yogurt; made with coconut, almond, or cashew milk. This tart option can be added in sweet, deserts or savouries.

Greek Yogurt is also a good option. Have a glass of buttermilk everyday if possible. The probiotics in Yogurt are great for your gut and your mood as well. It is rich in calcium and high in protein. Fresh Yogurt should be an essential part of your diet.


Search for pickles with the label “lactic acid fermented pickles”. Pickles contain tons of vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics if they have been through fermentation process. There are different varieties of picked. For example, the most common one is raw mango pickle. You’re probably mouthwatering now! Other types are of lemon, chillies or mixed pickle. Pickles are sour and spicy.

Women often crave pickles for its taste. But remember, pickles should be consumed with food and in a tiny amount. Eating a lot of pickles can cause acidity.


The traditional food is high in fiber as well as Vitamins A, C, K. Fermented sauerkraut may  be found in the refrigerated section and it will also be labeled.


Have just 1 tablespoon per day and slowly eat 1 tablespoon per meal of fermented foods like  kimchi or sauerkraut and pickles can be very helpful for improving digestion. It strengthens your immune system and also maintains your oral health!

Have a cup of Yogurt with cereal at breakfast or a glass buttermilk before going to bed.


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