Foods to avoid with PCOS

There are some foods to avoid with PCOS and hormone imbalance symptoms to help you cure this syndrome quicker for once and for all. Therefore, it’s better to make a list of “what to eat?” this list will help you walk right past few items at the grocery store so that you can pick on anti-inflammatory and healthier, food choices and diet.


  • Sugar


We include sweet in our diet, foods and beverages with added sugar can put us into a an inflammatory tailspin. Some fruit juices with no added sugar have no the fiber. In PCOS, insulin process is already challenged and adding more sugar to your diet other than whole real foods will increase inflammation and soon be stored as fat, causing irritability, severe mood swings, acne flare ups, facial hair and more. Eat more fruits, you get natural sugar from them which your body needs.


2) Wheat


Flours in common are bad for hormone balance because they are grains that are processed into powder form that changes them into sugar very quickly in the digestive system. But wheat gluten is exceptional because it is also a strong inflammatory food that it can be addictive and has serious affects on the brain.

Wheat can open the tight links in your gut lining that sends foods to pass through prematurely, causing allergic reactions that may lead to autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. You’ll feel better after avoiding products containing wheat and gluten like breads, pasta, cereals, baked goods of all kinds, etc.


3) Packaged foods


Foods that are packed in a plastic container,box, plastic or other packaging. These foods are processed. They are full of chemicals with preservatives, artificial food colorings, and flavors. The natural food is stripped of from its nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber. The manufacturer later adds back in some vitamins to make it look healthier. They contain harmful preservatives like flavour enhancers (MSG), and nitrates.


4) Sunflower, Corn and Canola oils


They are highly processed fat choices that usually come in plastic containers. They are high in omega 6 fats damaging your omega 3 anti-inflammatory fats, and are found in all processed foods so they lure to overeat. Corn oil is highly refined and genetically modified. Canola oil was used to make the mustard gas and is a genetically modified food.


Instead of these fats, use fats from whole, real, food sources like seeds, avocado, nuts and olive oil, coconut butter, ghee, etc.


5) Dairy products


Milk, cheese, and even particular types of yogurt can be harmful for hormonal imbalance. However, most of them it can lead to health problems. It is an allergic for a lot of people. Dairy is an addictive food and it may also cause digestive problems. Because, It is full of Hormones! Dairy products can be very constipating. Constipation is very common in women with PCOS.


Avoid eating all these foods along with Alcohol, transfats, artificial sweeteners, and junkfoods. Substitute them with organic foods like Quinoa, oats, berries, green leafy vegetables, smoothies and cold pressed oils from flaxseeds, olives, mustard and many more.


We hope you found this blog informative.

Thanks for reading!

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