Foods to avoid with PCOS: Diet plays an integral part in PCOS. With the right diet, you can win over PCOS and better its symptoms. Whereas, the wrong kind of diet can worsen it and make it more terrible. Hence, diet plays an important role in PCOS.

So what are the foods to avoid with PCOS?

Here’s a list of foods to avoid with PCOS:

Foods to avoid with PCOS:

  1. Sugary foods:

Sugary food is one of the worst foods for PCOS and hence should be avoided in all cases. It can worsen your insulin levels and elevate them. Thus, foods to avoid with PCOS include sugary foods. This also includes artificial sweeteners, soda etc.

  1. Unhealthy fats:

Diet for PCOS should completely be devoid of unhealthy fats. Hence, foods containing trans fats, saturated fats and hydrogenated fats should be avoided. Such fats can pose various health risks and worsen your PCOS. Hence, avoid all such foods.

  1. Milk:

Women suffering from PCOS should also avoid milk. Milk makes your testosterone levels to rise and hence is bd for women suffering from PCOS.

  1. Foods with high GI:

Foods to avoid with PCOS also include foods that have a high glycaemic index. Such foods will make your blood sugar levels to rise. Foods with high GI include white bread, white rice potatoes- amongst others. Hence, avoid these foods.


Right diet for PCOS:

The right diet for PCOS should be a healthy one and should not include the above foods.


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