8 Reasons Why Licorice Works For PCOS

Licorice is a fantastic remedy for hormonal imbalances causing in PCOS, and so easy to use too. Here’s a look at 8 reasons why we think it’s one of the best all-natural PCOS treatments.

It has natural anti-androgen properties. And it also offers hormone balancing benefits. As a natural plant-based estrogen that emulates estrogen, it binds to estrogen receptor sites. And it actively fights the ill-effects of ‘Xenhormones’. These disrupt the endocrine system to cause hormonal imbalances, maybe even infertility. By maintaining estrogen balance in the body, It helps promote regulated ovulation and improved fertility.

It has anti-inflammatory properties. As we know, low-grade systemic inflammation lies at the heart of PCOS. The glycyrrhizic acid found in it is metabolized into corticosteroid. which actively fights inflammation at all levels.

It keeps adrenal fatigue at bay. It stimulates the adrenal gland to promote healthy levels of cortisol in the body. This makes it particularly good for those who deal with stress-related HPA axis dysfunction that causes hormonal imbalances or Adrenal Androgen excess.


It boosts immune and endocrine system function. By stimulating the immune system, it prevents hyperactive immune responses. This in turn protects reproductive health and helps maintain hormonal balance.

It boosts liver health. It also protects the liver from toxins that may enter our bodies through food, medication and alcohol. Good liver health is important for hormonal balance. Because excess hormones or toxins floating around the body can put unnecessary stress on the liver. Remember, detoxification is the primary job of the liver.

It can stabilize blood sugar levels. Certainly, Animal studies have revealed the possible application of licorice to an improvement in type-2 diabetes. Researchers now believe that it may help in reducing blood sugar. As a result, it can be an all-natural treatment for insulin resistance and elevated blood-sugar levels.

It can improve gut health. It can boost digestive health and treat Leaky Gut, which is not uncommon in PCOS patients. It’s also possible that licorice limits the growth of harmful H. pylori bacteria in the gut. This further improves the gut microbiome.

It can treat acne. Powdered licorice makes an excellent topical treatment for skin condition. It can help clear up skin by treating cystic acne.

How To Use Licorice For PCOS?

The easiest way to use licorice root is to brew a home-made tea with dried roots. However, I like licorice tea both as a warm, soothing brew or a cold beverage on hot summer days. In fact, you can easily find licorice teas in most health food stores these days. A lot of people find that a tea brewed from a combination of Licorice and White Peony Root is particularly helpful in balancing out hormones.

You can also get it in powder, liquid extract or capsule form.

However, it’s important to not overdo licorice root. Because it can cause high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and swelling.

Ideally, consult a licensed naturopathic physician to know how much licorice to use for your particular symptoms. Dosage will also vary based on the form of licorice you’re choosing. The specific safe dose varies for it in tea, powder, capsule and liquid kind.

Also, licorice supplementation can lead to depleted potassium levels in your body. So make sure you are eating plenty of potassium-rich foods like apricots, bananas and avocados. Ideally, it is best to not continue its supplementation for long periods of time. Give your body a week of well-deserved break after every 3 months, though your naturopath will be able to give you more specific advice.

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