An overview to PCOS: PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome

There are various complications becoming more prevalent with every passing day in today’s day and age. One such condition is reaching nearly like a dreadful epidemic and has now become very familiar name – PCOS. So here you will find everything you need to know, here is an overview to PCOS to stay alert and get started.

What is PCOS or PCOD?

Polycystic ovary syndrome which is sometimes referred to as a disease depending on its severity is a problem in where a woman’s hormones go out of balance. It can bring problems with your periods and may make it difficult to get conceive a baby. PCOS also causes certain unnecessary changes in one’s appearance or the way they look. If it remains untreated, over time it can pave ways to serious health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer!

This is a condition where women happen to grow many small cysts on their ovaries. This condition is called polycystic ovary syndrome. The cysts may not be harmful, but they tend to cause hormonal imbalances.
Did you know that symptoms of PCOS still prevail even when both the ovaries are removed? The root cause of the problem lies not in your ovaries but in your metabolism.There is mechanism of the hormone regulation centre at hypothalamus in the brain which affects multiple organs significantly.

Some of the symptoms of PCOS are as follows:

● Acne.

● Irregular or abnormal periods.

● Weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.

● Infertility

● Unwanted hairgrowth on the face and body.

● Hair thinning on scalp.

● Depression or mood swings.

These symptoms maybe worse but it also
increases your risk of developing a big disease after a particular period of time, such as thyroid, diabetes, and sometimes Cancer!

The study – Biocycle, conducted by NIH in the year 2009 showed that if PCOS is left untreated, it leads to hormonal imbalances and significantly increases a woman’s risk to diseases caused by inflammation – diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and premature ageing, also, a perpetual state of body suffering before these diseases even show up their symptoms.

The treatments

Today, the western medicine only deals with identifying the problems and treating the symptoms suspecting PCOS. But these instant treatments are best described as a mere band-aid solution. But PCOS is a much severe problem that gets worse by time not only because of the ignorance of the root cause but also due to side-effects of these symptomatic treatments for long periods of time. If one has been diagnosed with PCOS, then the chances are they have been prescribed Birth Control Pills and Oral contraceptives to regulate hormone cycles Hence, periods and metformin elevate blood sugars causing pre/diabetic conditions.

Lets take a look at the synthetic pill and hormone, so that you can know the cause of the problem and avoid possible side effects of the same.

1)Birth Control Pill

The synthetic hormones in the pill will mask your natural hormonal patterns and prevent ovulation, therefore prevent pregnancy. The menstrual period you may experience by the pill isn’t an actual period, but rather a “break-through bleeding” whicg occurs by the drop in estrogen. Even though it might be regulating your cycle, once you stop taking the pill, your period might return to the same state as it was before and it may usually gets worse.

Side effects:
Taking these contraceptive pills can develop circulatory problems like thrombosis and embolism; headaches, liver tumors, depression and breast cancer than those who don’t. The risk can increases with age.

2) Metformin aka Glucophage

Metformin helps maintain blood sugar level and insulin by suppressing glucose production of the liver. It’s commonly used for PCOS and diabetes with insulin resistance.

Side effects:
A recent study found that metformin was causes an impairment in mental cognition. It’s more known to cause serious digestive issues like diarrhoea, constipation, gas, bloating, etc.

If you are being diagnosed with PCOS and have been prescribed birth control pills & synthetic hormones.

The advice to exercise and weight loss, hardly works. Changing your diet with nutritious food may help.

Unfortunately, there is no quick treatment for PCOS. It is a complicated issue that needs to be handled through diet and lifestyle as an holistic approach. If you want to get to the depth of your hormonal imbalances once and for all, let us help you naturally. You can stop suffering and start feeling good all day long.

Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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