Polycystic ovary syndrome may be a disorder that doctors come with associate degree imbalance in feminine sex hormones. Certainly, The imbalance will cause a spread of symptoms and will have an effect on a woman’s fertility.


In women who have polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, there is an imbalance in female sex hormones. The imbalance could forestall the event and unharness of mature eggs.

The secretion imbalance may embody associate degree abnormal increase in androgen, which is primarily a male sex hormone. Women additionally manufacture androgen, although it is usually in small amounts.

Effects on fertility

PCOS will have an effect on a personality’s fertility in several ways in which.

Ovulation issues area unit typically the first explanation for physiological condition in ladies with PCOS. Ovulation might not occur thanks to a rise in androgen production or as a result of follicles on the ovaries don’t mature.

Hence, Even if biological process happens, associate degree imbalance in hormones could forestall the liner of the womb from developing properly to permit for implantation of the mature egg.

Due to unbalanced hormones, biological process and expelling may be irregular. Therefore, Unpredictable menstrual cycles can also make it difficult to get pregnant.

Other complications

Infertility is commonly one in every of the most complications of PCSO, however it’s not the sole one.

People with PCOS also appear to have a greater risk than others of:

  • high cholesterol levels
  • high blood pressure
  • Also, heart disease
  • diabetes
  • weight gain
  • sleep apnea
  • Also, depression and anxiety
  • poor body self-image
  • endometrial cancer

When to see a doctor

Anyone who is concerned that they are unable to become pregnant or who has symptoms that may indicate PCOS should see a doctor. Even if a girl doesn’t want to become pregnant, obtaining associate degree early diagnosing of PCOS will facilitate to forestall complications.

There area unit several potential causes of physiological condition, but assessment for PCOS can help target treatment and improve the chances of conceiving.

If a girl will become pregnant, it is also essential to know if PCOS is present, as studies have found a higher risk of pregnancy complications with PCOS.

These complications can include:

  • gestational diabetes
  • premature delivery
  • high blood pressure during pregnancy

There is no specific test to diagnose PCOS. A doctor makes a diagnosis based on several factors.


Currently, there is no cure for PCOS. However, treatment will increase the probabilities of conceiving in people who want to become pregnant. It can also help people to manage their symptoms.

Symptoms vary between people, so treatment isn’t continually an equivalent. Options additionally rely upon whether or not or not someone desires to become pregnant.

Treatment for PCOS symptoms may include:

  • Birth control pills to help correct hormonal imbalances.
  • Insulin-sensitizing medicine to enhance the body’s use of hypoglycaemic agent so androgen production, too.
  • In the case of diabetes, medication to control blood sugar levels.
  • Exercise and healthful ingestion to assist boost overall prosperity and management weight.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce insulin and testosterone levels and improve symptoms.

Fertility treatment for PCOS

If a girl desires to become pregnant, a doctor could dictate medications to manage discharge periods and encourage biological process. Hence, Surgery could also be associate degree possibility if medication doesn’t improve fertility.

Laparoscopic ovarian drilling is a surgical option. In this procedure, the sawbones makes little cuts within the abdomen associate degreed inserts a needle with an electrical current.

They use the electrical current to destroy alittle quantity of tissue that produces androgen on the ovary. Decreasing testosterone levels may allow regular ovulation to occur.

Tips for increasing fertility

Below area unit some life style tips which will facilitate increase fertility.

Weight control

For people carrying excess weight, losing weight may help balance hormonal production and increase the chances of ovulation and pregnancy.

Managing stress

Long-term stress can affect hormones. High hypoglycaemic agent levels will cause associate degree imbalance in feminine sex hormones and physiological condition.

Tips for managing stress include:

  • getting regular exercise
  • balancing work and home life
  • spending time with friends and family
  • getting enough sleep
  • Dietary changes

For some individuals with PCOS, a low glycemic diet may improve symptoms and fertility.

Also, A low glycemic diet involves ingestion fewer foods that cause a spike in blood glucose levels.

However, Avoiding spikes implies that blood glucose levels become additional stable, resulting in lower insulin levels and less testosterone production.

Other factors that affect fertility

PCOS is barely one in every of the numerous potential causes of feminine physiological condition. Some common reasons include:

Endometriosis: A growth of female internal reproductive organ tissue outside of the womb may also cause physiological condition, especially when it develops in the fallopian tubes.

Structural problems: Certainly, a retardant with the structure of the fallopian tubes or different elements of the system will create it troublesome to become pregnant.

Fibroids: These noncancerous tumors in the uterus can cause fertility problems by preventing implantation.

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