PCOS diet for getting Pregnancy

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common disease among women in their reproductive period. 80% of women suffer from the disease but most of the time; Women are unaware of this. The disease is mainly caused by imbalance of hormones, especially due to high levels of androgen, which is the male hormone, which increases its origin in women. Talking about the problems women face in getting pregnant, it is good to consult a gynecologist. Women must maintain a proper pcos diet for getting pregnancy. PCOS has disrupted many women’s lives due to disruption in the evolutionary process. However, when you experience this type of infertility problem in your life, do not lose hope. There are many diet options that can help you get pregnant and have a beautiful baby.

 Tips on PCOS diet  for getting pregnancy:-

  1. Choose to eat low glycemic index food:-

A diet with high glycemic levels can increase your insulin levels. And, to avoid weight gain and other diseases like type-2 diabetes, it is important to eat foods that are low in glycemic index. It is inappropriate to eat white potatoes, rice, flour at this time. Apple juice, carrot juice, oatmeal are appropriate to eat at this time.

  1. Avoid starvation:-

Not eating anything is not the solution. It should be eaten regularly from time to time. But avoid eating junk food or stale food. Eating healthy and fresh foods ensures good health and wellness, which in turn increases the process of losing excess fat. Fruits & Green vegetables(Healthy food) are appropriate to eat at this time.

  1. Avoid consuming sugar:-

Whenever you consume sugar, you increase the blood sugar level. Whether it’s chocolate, ice cream, tea or cold drinks, you have to leave them all out. It is good to learn to taste the food or drinks you have, in that they have no added sugar.

  1. Avoid consuming processed foods:-

If you want to get pregnant and treat your PCOS wisely, it is recommended not to eat processed foods. These foods contain fat, hidden sugar, preservatives, and excess sodium. Processed foods, in turn, leads to inflammation. Instead, eat freshly made and healthy foods. At this time turmeric, cinnamon, green tea, coconut are appropriate to eat.

  1. Choose to eat anti-inflammatory foods:-

Eating anti-inflammatory foods helps reduce insulin levels as insulin levels not only cause weight gain and inflammation, but also lead to fatigue and internal weakness.

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