Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a growing Endocrine disorder in teenage girls today. Dr Surabhi Jain Founder of Nutriwell india says that , from past three years in my clinical practice I meet lot of ladies who are worried about their young teenage daughters menstrual irregularities. It is a good sign indicating awareness regarding PCOS. Indian PCOS diet plan is a difficult thing to plan the reason behind it is Our Indian diet is very rich in carbohydrate. Best Indian weight loss Diet for PCOS Must include lot of fresh vegetables, complex carbohydrate  and whole grains.

PCOS, might lead to  dysfunction of the ovaries and a very common endocrine problem .best Indian diet plan in PCOS  should consider your insulin levels. In  PCOS Hormone levels are imbalanced, and it affects insulin which rises above healthy levels hence lead to low estrogen level and  more testosterone level. .so complete  ovulation, sugar metabolism, conception, and body weight is affected. Do you know  that research and Evidence are there  that PCOS is responsible for more than  70 percent of  conception and infertility issues mainly because  difficulty in ovulating , and yet, many   women seldom discuss this with daughters or talk about the signs and symptoms due to the social stigma attached to it. PCOS and diet plan goes hand in hand.


Dr Surabhi jain , Nutriwell India, Chief Nutrition expert who is specialized in PCOS diet asks that Why it is so that nowadays there is rise in PCOS. You know the reason can be Obesity , faulty lifestyle, stress, and most importantly sedentary lifestyle. Tablets and computers are widely used and exercise or evening walks are no longer liked by teenagers. Outdoor games is not possible in urban areas. so obesity and this kind of lifestyle  is one of the main reasons for more teenagers having PCOS.
At Nutriwell we conducted an study of 48 Ladies suffering prom PCOS and kept them on our Low glycemic index diet and herbs. Nutriwell India , best weight loss center in india conducted the test of Vitamin D of all the ladies who participated in the survey , 42 ladies had low level of vitamin D. Dr Surabhi jain of Nutriwell India  says that Vitamin D deficiency  might cause weight gain and worsen the symptoms of PCOS.


What are the main signs and symptoms which are alarming  irregular menstrual cycles, facial hair, weight gain, depression ,less activity, baldness, acne, infertility & sometimes cysts on the ovaries. It is very strange that  There are very few  medical options for PCOS treatment, as per National Institute of Health currently there is no  100 percent  cure for PCOS and many of its health risks can be  lifelong.


As an  Indian getting PCOS specific diet is little difficult. The results of our Low glycemic Index diet with natural herbs from your kitchen was very encouraging. On an average every women reduced 3 to 9 Percent of the body weight in first month. we observed low-GI diet showed improved menstrual cyclicity, reduction in symptoms and even ease of conception with the ladies.


Dr Surabhi jain , best Nutritionist for pcos diet plan in india, says We not only  used our Low glycemic index diet but our experts also suggested ladies to use some simple herbs  from their kitchen which Normalizes their blood sugar and hormonal levels.


We noticed that when the ladies were having Oral Hypoglycemic with recommendation from our Gynecologist the results were much better.

Our special Nutriwell’s Indian PCOS diet,  includes higher fiber, more of  protein, lower carbohydrate  higher unsaturated fat and  lower glycemic index. fluctuation of calories , food groups and kind of diet you take is very important in PCOS weight

– Stop fad diets and radical dieting. we  Include more green leafy vegetables , 3-4 serving of fruits , and lentils in your meals and avoid junk outside food completely. food.

– remove  white bread, white rice,  pasta, sugar, bakery items ,potatoes and oily foods. take more of  high-fiber food, complex  carbs and protein-rich foods.

– Exercise facilitates weight loss and regulate the insulin and hormonal levels. we give the guidance of yoga for weight loss.

we cannot ignore the importance of lifestyle and diet changes , but medication also play a key and important role in PCOS for conception and leading a normal life. so consult your gynecologist on timely management of PCOS.