Pcos diet for indian women.

PCOS can be very frustrating if you are planning to reduce weight. You are taking low cal diet for PCOS following exercise regime and then also unable to reduce weight in PCOS. Yes , It can happen because you need a  special diet in PCOS.

Indian diet for pcos

So now what is the reason that after following the best diet for weight loss and following exercise regime to reduce weight in PCOS you are unable to reduce weight in PCOS… now the main culprit is diet.You need special low glycemic diet to reduce weight in pcod. They are crucial factor to reduce weight in PCOD. The best Indian diet to reduce weight in PCOS is rich in protein and fiber like lots of Dal, vegetables, cereals and diet for PCOS is to cut down on simple sugars.

The reason behind this is sugar brings a surge in blood sugar levels, hence deranged blood sugar and this cycle leads to weight gain in PCOS. The correct diet for PCOS should have protein, complex carbs and fiber.

Now what should the Indian women have for diet in PCOS. Indian diet for PCOS should be rich whole wheat, whole grain, barley, vegetables, fresh fish, lean meats , Protein shakes, pulses.

The food to avoid in PCOS includes refined flour, maida , white bread , sugar, bakery products, soda, outside food items containing preservatives.

So Indian diet in PCOS should be healthy and rich in nutrients. You can contact the only PCOS nutrition consultant in India Dr Surabhi jain for more details. We provide the best diet for PCOS. You will have the complete list of Indian diet plans in PCOS.