Best Nutritionist in lucknow , Dr Surabhi jain ,is a celebrity Nutrition consultant , best dietitian in lucknow, online dietician in lucknow ,Best Nutritionist in lucknow is telling us here how to choose the best Diet for Individual.

Market is flooded with multiple diets, quick fast weight-loss promises so it is impossible to know what is a healthy diet from false market claims .People endorsing Diet pills telling that its totally healthy and natural, fad diets which can cause wonders and some people tell that you can get the desired shape by eating some foods exclusively. At Nutriwell India, best weight loss in Lucknow, Dr Surabhi Jain, Best Nutritionist in lucknow with her team never endorses such kind of claims.

We all should believe in nature and the great food products that it offer.

So for a total healthy meal Dr Surabhi Jain, Best Dietitian in Lucknow , suggests that for keeping our whole diet regime healthy first have the most balanced mealas the breakfast. Start your day with Lime water and honey. It will detox your system with giving a kick start to your metabolism.

Dr Surabhi jain , Best Online Dietitian in Lucknow , suggests  that Breakfast should consist of a cereal, fruit and Protein part like milk. If you keep all these things early in your daily regime then the half of the diet battle Is won. Even the best Nutritionists in lucknow will agree to the goodness of cereal and fruits in the morning. Most of the people who visit our clinic skips breakfast which is the most unhealthy habit to do.

Fruits are always better if you take in whole form. After juicing we destroy its fiber content which can be very beneficial according to our best online dietician in lucknow.Cereals are fortified with minerals and vitamins so they can play a major role in providing us FDA suggested daily minerals and vitamins requirement.

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