how to diagnose PCOS 300x160 - How can PCOS be diagnosed?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is one of the most common disorders that are found in women. Therefore, once diagnosed, it should be treated effectively. If not, it can lead to various serious problems.  To prevent further complications due to PCOS, it is mandatory to be treated well.

But, for the treatment to start it should first be diagnosed. But, how to diagnose this disorder? And how early can it occur?

Well, it can occur at an age as early as 11. Yes, that’s true.

It can be diagnosed through the various signs and symptoms that can be observed if one has PCOS.

The various signs and symptoms include: irregular or no menstrual cycle, more bleeding than normal, being overweight/ obese, excess growth of body and facial hair, infertility, cysts on the ovary, acne, depression, and insulin resistance.

If any of the above symptoms are observed or if you observe anything that is different from normal, you should immediately consult a doctor. Even though the cause for PCOS is unknown, it can surely be diagnosed and treated properly by noticing any of the above symptoms. If you can see that one or more symptoms is true for you, don’t hesitate going to a doctor.

For treating PCOS well, various diet plans are available. These diet plans can be used to reduce weight/ obesity, have a healthy diet during PCOS. Having a proper, healthy diet during PCOS is very important. It can help you a great deal in treating PCOS condition. It is very important to have the best diet.

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