Common PCOS myths: There are many myths that are surrounded with PCOS. But, it is important to get the facts right and not believe these PCOS myths.

Common PCOS myths are:

  1. Women with PCOS cannot get pregnant:

PCOS affects your menstrual cycles and infertility is one of its symptoms. This is true. But women with PCOS cannot get pregnant is one of the common myths of PCOS. Some PCOS patients have conceived without any treatment.

For fertility related issues with PCOS, you can try out diets. You can try PCOS diet for pregnancy for infertility. PCOS diet for pregnancy will help you to treat infertility. PCOS diet for pregnancy is a natural remedy and very effective as well.

  1. Women with PCOS have cysts in their ovaries:

This is true for a majority of women, but does not necessarily have to be true for every woman suffering from PCOS. All women with PCOS have cysts in their ovaries is a common myth.

  1. All women have the same symptoms:

This is one of the other common PCOS myths. The symptoms of PCOS vary from woman to woman. A woman may experience a set of some symptoms while another woman may experience other symptoms. But if you face symptoms like weight gain, acne, excessive hair on the body and face, irregular menses, then you must immediately consult a doctor.

  1. Diabetes causes PCOS:

This is another one of the common PCOS myths. PCOS can lead to diabetes due to insulin resistance but diabetes is not a cause of PCOS. This is what is believed by many people; but isn’t true.

  1. PCOS can be cured:

PCOS can surely be treated, but it cannot be cured. It can surely be treated and brought under control, but cannot be cured. The best treatment for PCOS is through diet. You can try PCOS diet for pregnancy. You can try PCOS weight loss plan for treating obesity. PCOS weight management can also be tried for maintaining weight during PCOS. PCOS obesity weight loss diets can also be tried for obesity problems due to PCOS. Lose weight faster with best weight loss diet for PCOS.


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