How many of us are aware of this condition PCOS. In India PCOS and PCOS diet is the most ignored disorder. In one recent survey it was found that Every fifth Mumbai woman have PCOS/ PCOD.
According to this PCOS survey, 1/5 women in the city (within the reproductive age) have  the risk of suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) In Indian ladies We provide the best PCOS indian diet. We have many good PCOS dietitian who provide you best diet in PCOS.

PCOS condition can be successfully treated if diagnosed earlier. It is lifestyle-related manifested as Sudden weight gain ,nsulin resistant ,tension and lack of sleep can be some causes.

Harwin, who has written several books on the condition, was diagnosed with PCOS at 17. Her symptoms were classic -weight gain, acne, mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue and low self-esteem. “I didn’t have a natural period, or ovulate for more than 15 years,” she recalls.

We hae many modern treatments for PCOS Management in India. In India standard PCOS treatments are OCP  birth control pills, insulin-sensitising medications, ovulation induction and  antiandrogen medicines.

If it is diagnosed early there are many naturopathic ways to deal with it. Some healthy lifestyle modifications and Indian PCOS diet can do wonders with your body. Weight management is PCOS can be very easy with Indian PCOS diet.
Exercise regularly
5 t0 7 % of weight loss can lead to great results. Recent research shows that to manage harmones better you should exercise daily.

Some research claim that this might be related to  magnesium deficiency in the body . so if Indian PCOS diet choses gluten free whole grains, legumes ,green leafy veggies, nuts,flax seeds , sesame and sunflower seeds to up your magnesium intake.

Managing tension and stress
Anxiety and depression stress plays major detrimental role and can both reduce fertility, weight gain. Indian PCOS diet and PCOS management should include counseling and management of stress.
Vitamin D and  calcium
Food rich in Vitamin D and Calcium should be part of Indian PCOS diet. Indian PCOD diet should include makhane, Milk and Milk products egg and Cod liver oil.
Yoga can be a boon in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome . Yoga helps in weight loss , releive anxiety, manage depression, and general wellbeing.

Reserch has shown that low BMR can be a big problem in PCOS. So for PCOS diet in Indian women  It can be a big problem do your PCOS dietitian should know the proper food groups to be taken and which food to be avoided in PCOS indian diet.
In Indian ladies we provide the best PCOS Indian diet. We have many good PCOS dietitian who provide you best diet in PCOS. Pcos Indian Diet should have low carbohydrate which can be a problem in PCOS indian diet as We Indian eat lots of carbohydrate. The second thing is to remember to have lots of low fat protein. For this you can take pulses, gram in PCOS Indian diet. Your Indian PCOS dietitian or PCOS Indian Nutrition expert should know what is the food best for your PCOS..

Some herbs are extremely beneficial in Indian PCOS diet. We use Methi in our daily diet. It regulates the sugar level and can be a boon in Indian PCOS diet. You can also have the sprouts to have more concentration of beneficial Enzymes in PCOS diet. Flax seed is also rich source of Omega three fatty acids and extremely beneficial for ladies with PCOS.


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