PCOS , an endocrine disorder mainly occurring due to obesity, faulty lifestyle and lack of exercise. Best PCOS dietitian in India also states that ,In India irregular menstrual cycle in teenage girls was never taken seriously. it was assumed that it will be okay in later stage of life. Our consultancy provides the complete management of PCOS by our Nutritionists, Gynaecologist , Yoga expert and counselor. We provide the comprehensive guide to PCOS diet plan.

In PCOS In  first there is derangement of  Hormone levels so  insulin rises which  cause low estrogen level and  more testosterone levels.  In this disorder which affects many young teenge girls there will be symptoms of excessive testerone like more of facial hairs , thickning of skin etc. At Nutriwell india, The best weight loss center in lucknow we encourage our clients to avoid processed and junk food which also play a key role in disturbing insulin levels.

Dr Surabhi jain , best Nutritionist for pcos diet plan in india, says that PCOS among teenagers is growing at an alarming rate and it’s a fast emerging problem that needs extremely careful assessment, case analysis, timely dietary and exercise intervention, & appropriate treatment.


As per best Management plan for PCOS , management of PCOS can be really easy if you want to change your lifestyle and adopt a healthy living. at Nutriwell india, best diet clinic for PCOS we believe that ,For almost 90 percent of the women the basic treatment is weight loss. It is found that five to ten percent weight loss , natural herbs , Diet and exercise can go a long way. We conducted a survey on 48 ladies regarding our special low glycemic index diet.


At Nutriwell India , Dr Surabhi emphasizes the role of natural herbs in regulating insulin metabolism. We use many special Naturopathic formulations including Methi, Spearmint tea , Apple Cidar Vinegar


As we discuss herbs for PCOS ,Apple cidar Vinegar is also present in our PCOS diet in which it helps to control blood sugar so you will lose weight and improve your overall health .you can Take 1 tsp apple cider vinegar with 1 glass of water every day .


Fenugreek , herb for pcos, enhances glucose metabolism and improve insulin resistance so  balances the harmones.it also regulate your cholesterol levels and fat levels. So it is an excellent herb which we give in our PCOS diet. safe and simple and has lot of benefits.

soak 4 table spoon of fenugreek in 2 glass of water. take this fenugreek water first thing in the morning and you can consume the seeds after half hour

Tea for PCOS can be Spearmint tea can has anti-androgenic properties so its effect are much better than any other drink. we recommend to consume 2 to 3 cups daily. so reduction in  excess body hair, less  testosterone levels and more of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone .

The key to PCOS management is weight loss , exercise and low glycemic index diet. Beleive me if you follow this conception , fertility and normal life will never be a problem.A single kind of diet might not work in PCOS , so it’s better to take help of professional Dietician who is expert in PCOS guidance.