PCOS Nutrition Tips: These are the best PCOS nutrition tips. PCOS and nutrition go hand in hand. For better management of PCOS, nutrition is of utmost importance. Without good nutrition, PCOS won’t be able to be treated well. With the right kind of nutrition, you can have a better control over PCOS.

For bettering PCOS, follow these PCOS nutrition tips:

  1. Say No to sugary, oily and salty foods:

Avoid as much of sugary, salty and oily foods as you can. A diet that contains these foods is not only unhealthy but also a major factor in weight gain and various diseases. Hence, it is crucial that women with PCOS avoid such foods completely. Stay away from too many desserts, fries, chips, soda and such food items.

  1. Eat foods that have a low glycaemic index:

Foods that have a low glycaemic index are good for insulin resistance. Since insulin resistance is a symptom of PCOS, women with PCOS should eat foods that have low GI. Such foods include- various nuts and seeds, beans, vegetables such as leafy greens, fresh fruits and healthy fats.

  1. Watch your portion sizes:

Watching your portion sizes is also of utmost importance. Eat only as much as you require and do not binge eat. Binge eating or unnecessary munching isn’t going to help at all. Instead, have smaller meals throughout the day rather than really big meals. Eat every 4 to 5 hours.

  1. Choose the good fats:

Prefer the fats that are good for you and leave the bad ones. The foods that contain healthy fats are olive oil, nuts and seeds, coconut etc.


If you wish to lose weight with PCOS, you can consult a dietician for the same. The best dietician for PCOS will give you the best diet for PCOS, PCOS weight loss diet, PCOS diet for pregnancy etc. These diets will prove very beneficial for easing the symptoms of PCOS. Consult a dietician today for weight loss PCOS diet, best diet for PCOS, PCOS diet for pregnancy etc. Follow these PCOS nutrition tips for best results.


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