PCOS in teens

PCOS in teens is a common phenomenon. It is crucial that PCOS in teens gets detected early for better and effective treatment and for reducing further complications. If your teen has at least 2 or more of the below symptoms, consult a doctor immediately:

·         Irregular menstrual cycle

·         Extremely painful periods

·         Cystic acne

·         Unexplained weight gain

·         Unwanted hair growth

“Even though the exact cause for PCOS is unknown, it could be because of obesity or insulin resistance. It could also be hereditary”, says the best dietician for PCOS.

The best dietician for PCOS assures that PCOS in teens could easily be managed if the teen takes care of the following things:

1.       Diet:

The best dietician for PCOS says that diet plays a crucial role in PCOS treatment for teens. The best diet for PCOS in teens is the one that is completely devoid of junk and processed foods. The best diet plan for PCOS is the one that includes lots of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and proteins. The right diet plan for PCOS should exclude artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats and soy. Following a good diet plan for PCOS will be very helpful for your teen in managing PCOS better.


2.       Regular Exercise:

The best dietician for PCOS says that for teens, it is important to keep weight in check. It will ensure that further complications do not occur. For this purpose, exercising is must. You can have your teen join a dance class, or a sport, or make her go for a jog or a walk. Exercising on a regular basis will ensure proper weight loss.

If even after exercising regularly your teen is struggling with weight loss, you can consult a dietician. Diet plans such as weight loss plan for PCOS, best diet plan for PCOS, best weight loss plan for PCOS are ways you can lose weight in a healthy way. Best diet plan for PCOS will ensure that along with exercise, your teen is losing weight healthily. You can also consult an online dietician for a weight loss plan for PCOS or the best diet plan for PCOS.


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