Weight Management

We provide the best weight loss program for PCOS and infertility.If you’ve tried any other weight management program for PCOS/ PCOD before, you may believe that diets don’t work for you. You’re probably right: traditional diets don’t work in PCOS or for enhancing fertility.—at least not in the long term. You need to have specialized diets for this condition. So that You reduce weight and make yourself more healthy. We treat PCOS naturally and if you follow our plan and advice of yourgynecologist then Treating PCOS is the most easy thing to do. You can lead a normal healthy life, however, there are plenty of small but powerful ways to achieve lasting weight loss and develop a healthier relationship with food in PCOS. In NutriWell’s PCOS Clinic we make you learn how to follow these ways.

At your first consultation with our nutritionist/doctor, your eating habits and daily lifestyle are closely evaluated. Then based on this, modifications in your diet and lifestyle are prescribed to initiate weight loss. Amongst everyday food choices from your own kitchen, a diet plan is prescribed and this corrects your eating patterns. We try to provide the maximum degree of variation in the diet to suit your palate. We analyse each case of PCOS scientifically to know the root cause of your condition. Our unique and safe plan helps you to reduce weight naturally. We regularize Detoxify, Rejuvenate, and act on your problem by making your body recharged with nutrients. This therapy includes complete Diet planning, Naturopathic formulations, Herbal extracts, guidance for Life style modification, specific weight loss recipes, guidance for food choices and exercise regime for speedy results. Our therapy treats the body as a whole and tries to identify the cause of a problem not just deal with the presenting symptoms. We have special services to Boost fertility in PCOS / PCOD.

Services for Complete Nutrition Management and Diet Planning during and after PCOS Management program

  • You can eat foods of your choice – with slight modifications only. No fashionable salad diets/ exotic recipes/crash diets are advised. We have strong scientific basis for each of our plan.
  • Healthy foods from those commonly available in your own kitchen are prescribed and client’s choice for the food is totally taken under consideration. Additionally, our health plans will boost your body immunity naturally.
  • Our Specialized diet in PCOS helps to maintain your sugar levels hence manages PCOS better.
  • No drugs/medicines/hectic exercises/harmful chemicals are advised. Total safe and healthy way to maintain your health.
  • We believe in slowly modulating diet through personalized Diet Plans and changing habits,to ensure that weight loss/gain is long lasting. Unlike other weight management Clinics where your body regains the lost weight as quickly as you lost it.
  • Our unique and scientific Nutritional Therapy aims to encourage the body’s natural healing mechanisms to support and help prevent disease, through the application of Nutritional science
  • Special Naturopathic Formulations and Herbal Extracts which further helps you in Weight Management.
  • Healthy Life Style Modifications
  • Motivational Counselling Sessions
  • Economical and Client Friendly Services.